Blue Palmetto & Crescent Pique Polo


"Back in the 80s and 90s the embroidered 'Palmetto & Crescent' was perhaps the most easily attainable design on just about any garment you can think of in downtown Charleston. Every locally owned and operated store had their own iteration of it, and a majority were all embroidered by the same shop just across the Ashley River. It was a win win back in the day as it catered to not only the locals, but to tourist as well, a memento for their time spent in the Holy City. As time went on these retailers began to either thin out significantly by closing up shop, or made room for new trends to keep up with the times. Eventually the simple 'Palmetto & Crescent' embroidered articles were nowhere to be found. The Morris & King Palmetto & Crescent Crewneck pays homage to the King Street shopping sprees of my youth, as well as the now shuttered local retailers and brands that once dressed us head to toe." - Chris M.

There's nothing more tried and true than a Classic Pique Polo. Made from the highest quality Peruvian Pima Cotton, our polos are designed specifically to become the most comfortable and longest lasting staple in your ‘year round’ wardrobe. The origins of Peruvian Pima Cotton date back centuries, and with Peru's unique climate, soil, and purity of water for growing this unique extra-long cotton it attributes directly to the final woven garment's softness, strength, and longevity. 


Production Details

100% Pima Cotton, Pique Knit

Embroidered Palmetto & Crescent (Left Chest)

Classic Fit

Three Button, Short Sleeve, Hem Cuffs

Beautifully Crafted in Peru, Embroidered in the USA

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