Natalie Clapp and Chris Morris have been designing and creating products for over a decade now. Between the two of them their careers as entrepreneurs and designers span across a variety of projects specializing in apparel, fine jewelry, and home goods. They’ve worked alongside small Brick & Mortar shops here in Historic Charleston as well as Fortune 500 Companies. Morris & King is not only a reflection and continuation of their collected years of hard work, but of their own personal style and interests in both history and classic comfort. 

“The task of recreating specialty items, apparel, and goods that I remember from my childhood growing up South of Broad is ultimately what pushed me to develop Morris & King. Both Natalie and I come from families that value the importance of history, and the ‘Morris & King’ name is steeped in our ancestry. The 'King' name derives from Natalie's maternal Grandmother. A lover a fine goods, she was a purist when it came to quality and design, an aspect we apply carefully to every release. The 'Morris' side is reflective of my Father who passed away in 2017. A lover of classic menswear, he introduced me to the importance of historical significance, and even wrote a book on the subject. When he passed he left behind decades worth of well kept menswear along with a few odds and ends goods from various local bespoke shops here in Historic Charleston that are no longer in existence. As I poured over these items I began to realize the void that had been created over years of closures and growth throughout my beloved hometown. Specific items that were once so easily accessible became difficult to find, and were no longer a simple drive around the corner. Our goal with Morris & King is to bridge the gap by not only creating unique products of our own, but becoming a home to the classic brands and products I grew up with. The pieces handed down to me by my Father have now become heirlooms, and with Natalie's background in design and mine in business, we look forward to bringing products to the market that not only pay homage to The Lowcountry of my youth, but items that could potentially become heirlooms themselves. Thank you." - Chris Morris