Natalie and Chris have been designing and creating products for over a decade now. Between the two of them, their careers as entrepreneurs and artists has spanned across a wide variety of collections including apparel, fine jewelry, and home goods. They've created artisanal goods for a plethora of niche markets, but not one that encapsulates their interests around history, high fashion, and comfortable elegance. Morris & King aims to more accurately reflect those interests with a heightened focus quality, innovation, and overall design.

"The Morris & King name is steeped in our ancestry. The 'King' side is reflective of Natalie's maternal Grandmother. A lover a fine goods, she was a purist when it came to quality and design. The 'Morris' side being reflective of my Father who passed away in 2017. Also a lover of fine goods, he introduced to me the importance of heritage, and even wrote a book on the subject. When he passed he left behind a plethora of luxurious menswear, books, and home goods that I realize now have become heirlooms. We aim to embrace those ideals that have now become engrained in our belief system. With Natalie's background in design, and mine in business, we're excited to release products that make you feel like the best version of your unique self by being purveyors of fine heirloom goods." - Chris