Introducing: Royall of Bermuda

It's without question around here that we love a good bit of history. Even more so a good bit of history surrounding a product. From it's conception, use, and overall design, a great product needs to fire on all cylinders before we can proudly stand behind it. It also needs to hold that bit of nostalgia that sticks with us. Royall of Bermuda encapsulates not only a rich company history, but a very unique piece of nostalgia. Now, when I think about something nostalgic, my thoughts often tend to drift to my childhood and what I remember as a kid that is still around today, typically an object, location, or even certain foods. What Royall has accomplished (and I assume without realizing it) is a special type of nostalgia through their fragrances, and how certain smells can transport you almost immediately to a specific time and place, if only for a few seconds. However, what I find most interesting is that it can remind you of someone. Near or far, living or dead, signature scents become part of a person’s identity, and can thus be enjoyed and passed down through generations, which is exactly what Royall has done.

Founded by Anthony J. Gaade, a renowned Bermudian yachtsman and competitor in International Races who brought Royall fragrances to market back in 1957, created his first and signature fragrance, Royall Lyme, using an old Caribbean formula made from over 78 ingredients. The results were (and continue to be) a cool and refreshing scent, perfect for any occasion. It's rise to prominence was in 1960 when Brooks Brothers New York introduced the fragrance to their customers. Since then it has been long adored by loyal customers who continue to utilize Royall's many unique fragrances as their own signature scent.

Even the packaging continues to stay true to Gaade's passion to keep the overall theme of Bermuda alive and well, an homage to it's deep history, and one of our favorite parts of the Royall story. Each bottle is molded from the original clay molds, with pewter crown caps, individually wrapped in fine parchment, and finished with a wax seal. They even continue to go as far as using the same wax from the Bank of England, which for is an incredible touch. Gaade's vision continues to live on untouched since 1957, and it's that very reason we couldn't be more excited to be able to offer these incredible fragrances here at Morris & King.

After months of pouring over samples Natalie and I have decided to launch with our Top Four Royall Fragrances that we believe represent our identity here at Morris & King. First, Royall Lyme, with it's amazing history, this classic and original scent is just as cool and refreshing as it was back in 1957. Secondly, Royall Yacht, an obvious choice for our love of the sea. It’s crisp and maritime hinted scent is fantastic and perfect for any occasion. Royall Muske, with notes of Orange, Bay Rum, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Clove, it's hard not to add this one to our list as the scent is extremely well distinguished. Lastly, Royall Rugby, a Modern Classic with Grapefruit, Black Currant, and Vetiver, a scent that’s bold and timeless.

We look forward to offering more of Royall’s unique fragrances and products throughout 2023, and we hope with this bit of back story and passion you’ll be just as excited as we are to add this classic brand to Morris & King. We strongly believe it’s time to crawl out of the headspace that cologne and fragrances in general are forever tied to an older generation, and feel it’s time to embrace the incredible history and subtle impact these fragrances have to offer.

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