Cocktail Hour: Spiced Rum & Soda

It's not officially The Holiday's around here until we've poured our first glass of Striped Pig's Spiced Rum. The best way I can possibly describe it is "Christmas in a glass". Try to imagine the smoothest rum possible with notes of Vanilla, Butterscotch, and an incredible blend of Clove, Brown Sugar, and Cinnamon, it really is everything you could ever want in a Christmas Cocktail. I personally enjoy it straight up and on the rocks, but there's nothing like a little splash of soda and a cinnamon stick to flip it into an all around, well balanced, and easy cocktail. Even better, it's distilled right here in Charleston!

Spiced Rum & Soda

2oz Striped Pig Spiced Rum

4oz Club Soda

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Pour 2oz Striped Pig Spiced Rum over ice.

Pour 4oz Club Soda.

Mix Together with a Cinnamon Stick for garnish.

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