Cocktail Hour: Sweet Tea Vodka Soda & Mustard BBQ Sauce Chips

Having been a fan of Firefly's Sweet Tea Vodka since their days on Wadmalaw Island, this quick and easy cocktail is the perfect ‘Summer Go-To’, and pairing it with another local favorite: Lowcountry Kettle, specifically their Mustard BBQ Sauce flavor is an absolute must! There's just something about Sweet Tea & BBQ that's overly nostalgic for me. Maybe it was all those trips to the Bessinger’s BBQ here in Charleston as a kid that probably makes this combo hit so close to home, but you just can't go wrong! I will admit, as far as cocktails go this is by far the least time consuming, but it's simplicity should not go over looked. Firefly Distillery has already done the hard work for you, making this quick cocktail one of the best, paired with the Mustard BBQ Sauce chips what’s not to love!

Sweet Tea Vodka Soda

2oz Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka

4oz Club Soda

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Lowcountry Kettle Mustard BBQ Sauce Chips

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Pour 2oz Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka over ice.

Pour 4oz Club Soda.

Open a bag Lowcountry Kettle Mustard BBQ Chips & Enjoy!

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