Cocktail Hour: Honey Basil Old Fashioned

The Honey Basil Old Fashioned has become our new go-to Summer Time Cocktail, and with good reason. As Summer continues to roll on, our garden has exploded with Basil, and we can't seem to go through it fast enough. Among the plethora of BBT (Bacon, Basil, and Tomato) Sandwiches, and the now overwhelming jars of pesto, I knew dreaming up the perfect cocktail to utilize our basil problem was a must. I had been toying with the idea of using local honey (our bee keeping neighbor has been keeping us well stocked) to create simple syrup instead of raw sugar, but it wasn't until our good friend planted the idea to infuse the basil that it all came together.

Instead of the typical 50/50 mix of water and sugar for simply syrup, I replaced the sugar with honey, and packed as much basil as humanely possible into the mason jar before pouring in the mixture. I decided to wait a few days before I used it, thinking 48 hours was plenty of time to let the two marinate, and the first attempt was a delicious success. However, after a week, the Honey Basil really took form, and the flavors became overwhelming more prevalent. It might be a bit of a wait, but I can guarantee it's 100% worth it! 

M&K Honey Basil Old Fashioned

2oz Honey Basil Simple Syrup

3oz Rye Whiskey

Basil Leaves & Cocktail Cherry


Honey Simply Syrup: Heat together 50% water and 50% raw honey (keep stirring until piping hot, but don't quite let it reach a boil.)

Using a 16oz mason jar with a sealable lid pack as much fresh basil leaves as possible, and pour in the Honey Simple Syrup. Place in the refrigerator, and let sit for at least a week (48 hours if you're impatient).

In a mixing glass, mix together 2oz Honey Basil Simple Syrup and 3oz Rye Whiskey (your choice).

Using a lowball glass, fill the glass with ice cubes or a large single ice cube, and pour in your mixture.

Rub the rim of the glass with more fresh basil, and use as a garnish.

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