The Vintage Collection: Winter '23

When Natalie and I first launched Morris & King we loosely tossed around the idea of having a Vintage Collection in the shop. The biggest debate became what pieces to actually offer. Do we lean more on the apparel side (as a majority of vintage shops do), or do we lean more on the side of unique items that fit not only our personal style but the brands overall aesthetic? Here we are almost a year later, and we decided to lean on the latter but with a few exceptions. That being said we definitely look forward to hunting out more apparel in the future, but the pieces in our personal collection for now are just too difficult to part with. The decor items we decided to launch this collection with were difficult enough.

For The Vintage Collection we didn't want to fall into the habit of offering too many 'Charleston' specific items, though a few exceptions were made for nostalgia sake. Essentially this collection for us boils down to what we love, and sharing with all of you some of our favorite finds. Hunting out unique items by visiting estate sales, antique shops, and local specialty stores has always been a favorite pass time of ours, and this collection allows us to share that pass time with you. This will definitely be a living, never ending collection that we will continue to update periodically over time. If you don't see something you like, please come back and check in down the road to see what's new.

Thank You!

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