The Morris & King Oxford Button Down Shirt

"I'll start by saying I could easily write a book at this point on the history, manufacturing, and craftsmanship behind all your favorite brands button ups. I've spoken directly with countless manufacturers from every corner of the globe willing (and even some not so willing) to take on a small brand's shirting. However, as with all of our "simple" undertakings, the ones we spend the most time on always seem to fall into place when we least expect it. Let’s go back a couple of years; The problem was that I knew what I wanted, and very quickly realized there was no way I could pull it off. Most brands have a team working on these types of projects (that or they’re making them in house), they have investors, they’ve been around for 100+ years giving them notoriety, or they’re owned by a much larger corporation. We don't fall into any of these categories. It's just my wife and I trying to figure it out, and the idea of a button up was starting to feel as if it just wasn't in the cards for us. So, instead of rushing it, and pushing out a poorly crafted stock product, I waited. A few years went by, and I would occasionally continue my hunt to make this project work. As we grew I was given the opportunity to offer some incredible shirt makers products, but the idea of carrying another brand’s apparel jusy didn't fall in line with what I had envisioned for the shop, so again, I waited.

At this point I had pretty much given up, accepting the fact we didn’t need it, and turned my focus elsewhere. Then one night I casually reached out to a cut and sew factory, who I assumed would tell me yet again it wasn't in the cards, especially once they read my specifications spiel. To my surprise, I received a response, and they not only agreed to take us on, but knew precisely what I was trying to do. After a few months going back and forth sampling the overall construction we (finally) finalized our first Oxford Button Down Shirt. I had finally reached the finish line.

Now, some of you may not like the decisions I made regarding fabric, some of you may love it, so let me explain: Like many of you, I'm a sucker for the Classic, Oversized, Traditional, Ivy Style OCBD (it's what I grew up on), but what you have to remember is that we're located in Charleston, South Carolina where the average year round temperature is 80°, 95° or higher in the Summer (with 100% humidity), and if we're lucky in January or February it will drop down to the 30° mark for a few weeks; so the beefy, heavy weight, stiff as a board cotton oxford is never going to get "year round" use here. I ultimately decided to split the difference. Our (Solid) Blue Oxford Button Down Shirt features an Oxford Cotton that's medium weight with a soft hand to it. It's not too thick, not too heavy, and most importantly it’s incredibly soft where most Oxford Cotton can almost feel rough to the touch. Some of you may prefer it that way, and I get it. For The Blue & White Stripe Oxford Button Down Shirt I decided to do something a little more lightweight while still keeping the robust feel of traditional Oxford cotton, but with a smoother hand. I always felt striped Oxfords were more on the informal or casual side of the shorting spectrum. My goal was to give everyone the option to dress them up or dress them down, as I personally find myself falling somewhere in between.

To be fully transparent, the more I thought about it, pouring over all the buttons ups I personally own and fabric samples I'd accumulated over the years from different mills, the goal became crafting something you wouldn’t feel constricted in. A shirt that could easily be thrown on, tucked or untucked, (typically untucked if you're running around chasing after a toddler like I am), and enjoyed year round here in Charleston. - I truly hope everyone enjoys them as much as I’ve enjoyed the journey of designing them. Remember, they're meant to be worn, not to collect dust in a closet, so enjoy them! It's been a long journey with this project, and it feels good to finally be crossing this one off the list. Thank you." - Chris Morris

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