The Morris & King Seersucker Sport Coat


"Nothing quite says 'Summer in Charleston' like a Seersucker Sport Coat. As a young man growing up in Historic Charleston there were two jacket requirements: The Navy Blazer (mainly for cotillion), and in the Summer months, if you were bold enough, a Navy & White Seersucker Sport Coat. The Summer months can be brutal here in Charleston, you can cut the humidity with a knife it's so thick, which is why seersucker is the ideal choice when a sport coat is required. I knew with this coat I wanted two things: 1. That it be cut in the same style as our Navy Blazer (Traditional, Non-Darted, 3/2 roll, Center Hook vent), and 2. That I would do away with the standard white button, and switch them over to a Light Tortoise Shell. I couldn't be happier with how this sport coat came together, and I personally look forward to wearing it year after year when Summer rolls around." - Chris Morris

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