Book Club Returns...

Dear Book Club Members,

Before we get to our June 2023 Book Club addition, we wanted to update you regarding the absence of our Monthly Book Club. Back in October of 2022 Natalie and I began renovations on a home here in Charleston, SC that occupied a large majority of our free time previously spent absorbing as many novels as humanely possible. Once we had completed enough renovation work to no longer feel like we were living on a construction site our son Finn was born. As new parents our previous down time again was no longer our own. Last month was the first time since September of last year we began taking advantage of “nap time”, and began picking up where we left off.

Even though we were forced into reading hiatus, we never stopped filling our library shelves with books we knew we would eventually get to. As we begin to chip away at these collected works, some old and some new, we hope you’ll join us in picking back up where we left off...


Thank You!


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