Deep Salmon Combed Cotton Shorts - Classic Fit


Back in the late 1980s to early 2000s, Combed Cotton Shorts were a staple here in Charleston, SC. The city has since entered into a new era with most retailers carrying blended, lightweight fabrics, but here at Morris & King we want to honor our beloved cities unique menswear history by offering a Charleston staple. Our 100% Combed Cotton Shorts are the same tough, heavy handed pants you remember picking up and throwing on time and time again back in the day. Whether you're headed out on the boat for the afternoon, or strolling through downtown, these pants feel exactly like the ones you remember.

Between Sizes Can Be Special Ordered Upon Request

Production Details:

Flat Front, 9" Inseam, Finished Bottom

Classic Fit (Traditional)

100% Combed Cotton

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