The Morris & King Navy Blazer

 "Since we launched Morris & King, the Navy Blazer has been at the top of my to-do list, and as I've said before, we started Morris & King to pay homage to my old man who passed away in 2018. If there's one piece I had to pick from his wardrobe that was on the heaviest rotation, it would be his Navy Blazer. If it wasn't on him, just like his briefcase, it was close by. I wanted this jacket to be special for the brand, and I knew the only play I would have when creating it would be the design of the buttons. My Father was a proud graduate of The Citadel here in Charleston, so when I came across a button manufacturer that started in 1812, and had produced The Citadel's dress uniform buttons, I knew I had found what I was looking for. This is hands down the most meaningful garment we've released. It not only pays homage to traditional 1960s menswear with its Ivy League cut and design, but it pays homage to my old man through the buttons subtle design and history. Win. Win.” - Chris M.

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