M&K Vintage - The Boys Print (1986)


"Friends of ours, The Sutton's, back in 1977 owned multiple gallery and frame shops throughout Charleston (Downtown, Mt. Pleasant). If you're a local, guaranteed someone in your family visited one of these galleries at some point. Ten years ago they consolidated the galleries into a single shop located in Summerville, SC, and after 46 years they're finally set to retire at the end of March (2023). I decided to visit the gallery, thank them for serving the community all these years, and while I was there I started sifting through artwork that had been kept in its original sealed condition. A majority of these prints and originals date back to the early 80s and mid 90s. Among the multitude of gems were two copies of 'The Boys' by Art LaMay, the prize winning piece from SEWE 1986, and since the shop was closing in a few weeks I decided to frame both of them. After doing as much research on these prints as possible, the value tends to range rather widely. Original Framed Prints in mint condition (such as what we are offering) vary between $200 and $300. Faded Framed Prints typically fetch between $25 and $50. We decided to meet in the middle given the custom framing job we had done (in true '80s fashion), and the rarity of the print in perfect condition. It also helps that we have the other one now in our personal collection." - Chris

'The Boys' Print - SEWE '86 Winner

Custom Framed in UV Protective Archival Glass - Double Matted (Black & White)

Framed - 14.5" x 9.5"

Print - 9.5" x 4.5"

Original Painting by Art LaMay

Perfect Condition - Original Print from 1986 (Sealed For 37 Years) - Professionally Custom Framed in Summerville, SC. (Please excuse reflection in photo. Secondary photo taken before framing.)

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