Pure South Carolina Honey (12oz)


“A few years ago now we started ordering small batches of honey from a family owned apiary in upstate South Carolina as a seasonal gift for our friends and family. The hives are actually nestled between farmlands that grow different fruits and vegetables so each year the flavor changes, and without a doubt this year’s batch is out of this world! We love keeping this tradition for a handful of reasons: We’re big hot tea drinkers during the winter months, and we both *used to* have horrendous allergies come Spring before we started using local honey. It also made the perfect parting gift for whenever we had company over. When I placed our regular yearly order, I decided to add on a few extras cases, and had Natalie design a label so we could share one of our favorite traditions with all of you.” - Chris M.

Our Pure South Carolina Honey comes to us from a small, family owned and operated apiary in upstate South Carolina. No additional ingredients have been added, and the honey has been poured directly from comb to jar. The hives are strategically placed to pollinate South Carolina fruits and vegetables from connected farms which include blackberries, blueberries, watermelons, cucumbers, and strawberries. 

Due to the purity, over an extended period of time this may cause the honey to crystallize, which can be easily resolved by introducing heat.

Production Details:

100% Pure Honey

Made in the USA

Pure South Carolina Honey Disclaimer

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