Summer 2023

"This Summer at Morris & King we're incredibly excited to bring you a fresh new lineup of goods that are both classic and traditional. Due to our busy schedules a majority of our products are planned out a full year in advance, but some only a few months out. This Summer we wanted to focus heavily on apparel, something we've found ourselves drifting away from since we launched due to production quality not meeting our standards. Luckily, we're back in full swing, and look forward to sharing with you all we have planned for the Summer Season! To kick things we're happy to offer the latest scent from St Johns, Madras, a fragrance that truly incapsulates Summer. We look forward to sharing everything we have planned this Season including our latest Purveyor's Hat, Madras & Seersucker Patchwork Belts, Silk Tie Belts, Seersucker and Madras Shorts, Cotton Sweaters, Motif Pants, and much more! Thank you all for your ongoing support!" - Chris M.



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